How We Survey

Staying Fair & Impartial

Our Goal

We aim to give the Burbank Bulldog's journalists impartial data on issues central to our school.

Our Promise To You

All data collected will be safely stored and only used for articles and other newspaper related uses.

No personal information or individual response will be shared with anyone other than the ICA team.

We will never ask for your name. Your anonymity is guaranteed.

Your Opinions Are Safe

What you tell us is confidential. We never release individual responses, even to your own team. Once all the data is collected it is stored on a local data server, accessible only by the Data ​Analytics and Dynamic Distribution Specialist.

The Data Analytics & Dynamic Distribution Specialist

Andre Dionysian runs ICA's day-to-day operations as the Data Analytics & Dynamic Distribution Specialist. He is the only one with full access to the data collected and makes sure it is never abused or misrepresented. It is his job to ensure all data collected is true to a reasonable degree of error. If you have any questions, feel free to contact him at