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The Burbank Bulldog is a student run publication which serves as a credible source for the students of Burbank to get their news from. Our mission is to inform the youth of serious issues efficiently, but also to make following the news easy, convenient, and fun. Additionally, one of our core values is integrity, and we vow to deliver honest and unbiased information.

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Editor In Chief

Asst. Editor In Chief

News Editors

Angela Kyababchyan

Christina Gonzalez

Liliana Martirosyan

A&E Editors

Victoria Sargsyan

Eleena Karapetian

Sports Editors

Emil Aghakhany

Elen Badalyan

Student Life Editor

Op/Ed Editor

Maral Alexanian

Avenia Shahin

Copy Editors

Lilit Manvelyan

Neha Ramesh

Arpi Shahnazarian

Emma Manning

Communications Team

Alexandra Mekikian

Litzy Arias

Writing Staff

Adeline Andoun

Karen Asatryan

Maria Azatyan

Alexander Chacon

Mia Covarrubias

Blair Duvall

Jacob Galang

Vinel Ghapralian

Ian Kang

Wyatt La Marsna

Rainer Labus

Sarah Nalbandian

Armond Orujyan

Celine Rangel