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“There was this one time a player on the team threw a cheap shot at his fellow teammate and coach saw. Immediately he was kicked off, but you know, Roses told him to come back in the summer to train with us again once he got his head clear. That summer, [said player] returned to play and coach brought him back onto the team to train. After that he said Coach Pete giving him that second chance was the best thing that could have happened to him.” Adam Colman, football coach, math teacher, and former student of Pete Roses shared.

On January 25, 2021, Pete Roses passed away from COVID-19. Roses, or as most know him, Coach Pete, was an influential figure to many people throughout Burbank. He had worked for Burbank Unified School District for more than 20 years, working at both Burbank Senior and Burroughs High School. He coached girls and boys basketball, football, and was a security guard for both high schools, dedicating a large portion of his life to students in Burbank.

Coach Pete was described as an incredibly loving, determined, and caring individual who gave everything he had to those around him. “He was a coach, mentor, colleague, but most importantly friend. A friend who cared and looked out for you,” Colman insisted.


Luci Risucci

A new math framework for public schools is currently being drafted and discussed among many educators throughout the state, with the goal of eliminating accelerated math courses moving forward. The new proposal aims to make math as accessible and understandable to as many students as possible, especially those who have not been taking accelerated math courses.

The plan ensures that students will all stay in the same math class until their junior year, where students then can have the freedom to choose what direction they want to take in math, whether that is calculus, statistics, or other data science related courses.


Eric Bedrcian

On Friday, March 13th, 2020 our School lives took an unprecedented hit. After one entire year of distance learning, we have now something to genuinely look forward to. Throughout our online adventure, we have hoped, wished, and prayed countless times that it would all go back to normal. Towards the end of last semester, we were filled with ecstasy with just the thought of going back. However, after the inevitable number of parties during Thanksgiving and the holiday season, it was simply not safe. And now, one year later, we have a high probability of going back to what we used to call, normal.


by Elizabeth Margaryan

On May 25, 2020, America experienced an event that would rewrite its history for generations, the murder of George Floyd. After the graphic video of Floyd’s death was caught and posted on social media, it became infamous and the vast majority of the population seemed to have an opinion about it. Initiative kicked in to fight for right’s believed to be ignored, both in the flesh and virtually.

Are "we gon' be alright?"

by Madison Clevenger

We’re all sick of it. The virus shakes the foundations of this... the virus devastatingly alters that... We’ve all been there, read the articles. Never fear, another one of these articles has come your way—but there’s a twist. With the help of BHS French and Spanish teacher Tracy Collazos, this article seeks to illustrate the world language department’s...


Patrick Hovsepian

In a City Council meeting on March 2, the City of Burbank voted 5-0 to pass a resolution terminating the friendship city status Burbank has with the town Hadrut in Nagorno-Karabakh. Along with the resolution, they weighed the prospect of articulating the municipality’s support of the recognition of Artsakh’s sovereignty in a resolution expected to be adopted unanimously at...

Three Years of Freshman

By Grace Workman

On Aug 16, for the first time in over a year and a half, the gates of Burbank Senior High School were opened to the entire student population. Only having a single class experience a full year of in person instruction while in high school (class of 22), the new set of sophomores and freshmen are both setting sail in the same boat. Both classes have something in common, neither have taken an in-person class on campus and are trying to navigate all aspects of a new school. Most students enjoy being back on campus and getting face to face interaction with their classmates and teachers.

Sophomore, Eliza Bowren said “After missing out on my freshman year, everything feels so new. It’s been two years since I have been to school so it was a lot to take in and adjust.” Students have the title of being experienced yet the feeling on the inside does not match. Adapting to the new environment of highschool can be difficult.

BHS Tech Gets an Update

After the long quarantine, the tech program at Burbank High School has undergone many changes to the system. These changes include a detachment from the CTE...

Waterpolo is


As of August 2020, the Burbank Water Polo team has been unable to practice in the pool at school and must make their way to McCambridge Park to practice. The state of the water polo team could be in jeopardy because of the inability to host home games...




Trisha Paytas, literally why?

Nina Elmoyan

Do you ever look at someone on Youtube and Tik Tok, and just ask yourself, why are you even relevant? It makes your head spin to think as to how they even got any sort of fame. That’s exactly how I felt after learning about Trisha Paytas’s existence.

Now, who is Trisha Payatas you may ask? To sum it all up, she is one of the most controversial figures on the internet, there, article over. Just kidding, we have some important stuff to cover. Nowadays the internet is full of controversy and trends. Remember the tide pod challenge? They still have kid locks on them. Now the milk crate walking challenge is the phase of the “youth”. And for some reason people enjoy watching it, but why though?

A Wizard of Oz

Neha Ramesh

We’re off to see the wizard, the wizards behind this show. “The Wizard of Oz” is being performed on Friday, Oct. 15. Directed by Donovan Glover, who has directed 10 plays in his five years at Burbank High is excited to showcase his latest work. This year's cast is full of different people, all coming from different backgrounds making it all the more thrilling.

When choosing who stars in the play, Glover faces some challenges. “Sometimes it’s really difficult and that was the case when casting [this show]. And so it becomes sort of a jigsaw puzzle,” Glover stated during an interview. Each character is unique so the person who plays them needs to be selected very carefully.

Profiles: Students of Great Achievement

Tony Ordoukhanian

Meet Tony Ordoukhanian—a mild-mannered senior at BHS, hell-bent on the path to growth—and failure.

Ordoukhanian has found...

Cole & Solomon

Last year, BHS seniors Natalie Cole and Rebecca Solomon co-founded the BHS Buddies Club. After witnessing how disconnected the Cognitive Behavioral Intervention (CBI) class was from the general student body, the

BUSD Removes Books With 'N-Word' From Curriculum

Nina Elmoyan

On Fri. Nov. 27, Superintendent Matt Hill sent out an email to BUSD responding to the complaints received about core novels. This list of core novels that was commented upon includes The Cay; Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry; To Kill a Mockingbird; Huckleberry Finn and Of Mice and Men...

District Stops All Athletic Practices

Alicia Khashaki

Burbank Unified School District’s decision to suspend the conditioning season for sports was made known in an email from the principal of Burbank High school, Thomas Crowther. The Board of Education will continue to work with the “District, the Pacific League and the CIF Southern Section” in the hopes of making the competition season possible while taking the needed measures.

Evidently, this has sparked some disappointment in student athlete families. To address the opposition from those involved


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